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Postcards from the Azores

Eurodam called at Ponta Delgada in the Azores last Saturday near the end of its trans-Atlantic crossing.

So, here we are in the Azores. Ponta Delgada is our first stop. We had a fantastic Atlantic crossing. The seas were calm for all six days and the weather was beautiful. It just couldn’t have been better. We had a full moon in the middle of the crossing and it made a beautiful picture shining on the Atlantic. The view from the deck was outstanding.

But, as great as the crossing was it is good to see dry land again. We grabbed a taxi and took a tour of Ponta Delgada and the island. Below are some of the neat things we saw in the Azores. Enjoy.





Everywhere we looked there were cows. Farmers were making hay and feeding the cows. It took this old Iowa farm boy back to his boyhood days on a farm in northern Iowa. Great memories.



Our driver took us down into the little town you can see by the lake in the picture above. It was a neat and very clean town, and very quaint. It was like a setting in a movie. We took a stroll and really enjoyed seeing Portugal as it really is.

In the center of the town was a beautiful Catholic church. As you can see the walkway leading up to the church was lined with tall trees. It was such a quiet and beautiful day that it was almost surreal. We walked up the path and entered. It didn’t disappoint.



We continued our journey, headed back up into the mountains and then stopped at another lake with a breathtaking view. We were enthralled with another beautiful vista. We were having a day to remember.


As we headed back to the city we were very quiet as we thought about the beauty we had seen here in Portugal. But, it wasn’t over because as we rounded a turn in the road another beautiful view opened up to us. The Atlantic Ocean, which we had just crossed, was coming ashore in breaking waves that made another breathtaking view. Take a look at the Portugal coast line.


We decided to have a late lunch at one of the upscale little waterfront restaurants. It was tough to choose which one to try. If you look closely at the things on our table, I think you will know which one we chose. Many of the crew from the Eurodam found this to be the best restaurant also. So, we knew we had made the right choice. (For those who can’t tell because the photos are small, it’s Burger King!)

eu_azores11 eu_azores12

So our day in Ponta Delgada came to an end. We had a great time and enjoyed so much the beauty of this Portuguese Island. It is always a little sad to leave a neat place like this, but we also know there is much more beauty and fun ahead of us. So long for now and we will see you in Lisbon.

Arky and Shirley are future cruise consultants aboard Eurodam.

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