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Postcards from Lisbon, Portugal

Aboard Eurodam.

We are in Lisbon, Portugal. We sailed in around 2 p.m. and had a beautiful sail-in. The sky was blue and the water was blue. Temperature about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Shirley and I headed for the bow so we could see the city of Lisbon come into view. Take a look at the pictures and enjoy this great arrival in Portugal with us.


Our first view of Lisbon.


This bridge, by the way, was designed by the same architect who designed the Golden Gate Bridge. Can you see the similarity? Shirley said when she first saw it that it looked like the Golden Gate and later when our port lecturer, Ian, came to the bow, he told us that they are kind of sister bridges.

eu_lisbon4 eu_lisbon5
Will it fit? Wheeeeeeewwww!

Lisbon has a “hop on, hop off” bus that we decided to take. We do this in many ports, as it gives you a chance to see where you want to spend some time. This turned out to be a two-hour tour and it was great. You will see from the pictures that Lisbon is a beautiful city and very clean and neat. So hop on the bus with us and take a tour of Lisbon, Portugal.

Christ The Redeemer statue towers over the city and the Tagus River.




Our second day in Lisbon we went shopping. It turned out to be a little complicated because of the language barrier. On the bus tour yesterday we had seen a great area with a large square and a fountain, and neat restaurants and shops. So, we decided that was where we would spend the day. I went to the salon on Lido deck first and got a nice haircut. The view from the barber chair was great looking out over the Tagus River and the bridge.

After that we left the ship around 10 a.m. There were quite a few taxis waiting for fares, but none wanted to take us on the short trip to the city. They all wanted to take you on a two-hour tour for a lot more money. We finally walked up the street and stopped an empty cab, and he nodded yes that he would take us to the city. We told him we wanted to go to the shopping area with the big square with a fountain and many shops. Well, all he understood was square and many shops. We went on a wild ride on the freeways and streets, up hill and down and stopped at the … mall. We knew we couldn’t make him understand where we wanted to go so we paid him 15 Euros ($19.50) and left the taxi.

Shirley and I talked and decided we didn’t want to spend the beautiful day in a mall. There was a line of taxis in front of the mall. We went to each one and tried to make them understand where we wanted to go. “No comprenendo” was all we got from them. We entered the mall and immediately found a place that looked like tourist information, but turned out to be a travel agency. But, the manager spoke English and was able to understand where it was we wanted to go. He wrote the name on a piece of paper and back out we went. We went to the first cab, showed him the paper and he nodded yes. So, away we went on another thrill ride through the city and finally arrived at the area we wanted. We paid him another enormous fee, and got ready to shop.

After that we didn’t have any money so we didn’t buy anything, just had lunch. Below are the pictures from our shopping adventure in Lisbon.



This electric police car will do 40 Kilometers per hour.


Shirley getting ready to enjoy her lunch.

Arky and Shirley are Eurodam’s future cruise consultants.

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