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Noordam’s Wine Attendants Visit Sherry Maker

While in Cadiz, Spain, and knowing that it is so close to “Jerez de la Frontera” the wine attendants of the ms Noordam, under the guidance of Noordam’s Beverage Manager Hans Becker, had the amazing opportunity to visit one of the best sherry makers in the world, Bodega Gonzalez Byass, makers of Tio Pepe.

Internationally known, the Bodega is an wonderful site in itself and full of history. While they were at this fantastic place absorbing everything in site, they learned about the product and methods of: elaboration, fermentation, distillation, storage, properties, flavors, aromas, wine maker’s tasting notes, product knowledge, history of the product and history of the region.

Jaime van der Loo is Noordam’s human resources manager

  • Don Bohr

    I need help with a name. We were on the Noordam over Christmas and had a wine steward who was great.

    In the second picture from the top the guy sitting center right in the white shirt holding the bowls – anyone know his name and possibly an e-mail address? I’m unfortunately drawing a blank.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Julie

    Hi Don,

    We’re on the case! I’ll let you know his name as soon as I get it!


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