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Noordam and Nieuw Amsterdam Meet on the Field in Kusadasi

On our recent call together in Kusadasi both Noordam and Nieuw Amsterdam fielded football (soccer) teams to compete in a friendly match. Team Noordam was feeling really good with our new uniforms, but sadly, we did not win. The final score was an admirable 4-3, with Nieuw Amsterdam pulling out a win in the last few minutes. All said it was a fun day out and a good chance to meet our colleagues. Believe it or not, one of our crew members was surprised to find that one of the Nieuw A’s players was his brother! His brother was scheduled to join Volendam, but at the last minute he was assigned to Nieuw Amsterdam … what a happy accident!

Noordam and Nieuw Amsterdam teams

Noordam vs Nieuw Amsterdam soccer match

noordam team strategizing

Noordam vs Nieuw Amsterdam soccer match

Anthony Garofalo is Noordam’s human resources manager.

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