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Joanne’s Postcards from Verona

Verona is a charming city west of Venice and is easily reachable by train, although it is a good 90 minutes to two and a half hours. Four of us decided to spend the day there and we all came back with the same opinion. Verona is definitely a city we would all love to spend more time in. Juliet’s balcony is located in a surprisingly small courtyard and is the most visited spot in the city.

Oddly enough, the wall of the entry way into the courtyard is covered in chewing gum with writing on it, but I wasn’t able to find out what the tradition is there. The arena is right in the center of town and in great shape. The river runs through the city, like Florence, which makes for a nice evening stroll. There is high-end shopping as well as unique boutiques and art galleries for the collector. We did not get a chance to see an opera there, but they have a full season at the opera house. With Holland America’s overnight in Venice, you can take in both Venice and Verona if you plan your time right. Ciao!




Joanne Gardner is Nieuw Amsterdam’s future cruise consultant.

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