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Holland America Line Extends Cruise Pause to Include Europe Departures Through June 2021

While Holland America Line continues to work with government and port authorities to develop its plans to return to cruising, the company is extending its pause of European cruise operations to include departures through June 30, 2021.

The pause will impact cruises departing in May and June on Nieuw Statendam, Volendam and Westerdam, along with the Collectors’ Voyages associated with those canceled cruises. Collectors’ Voyages combine nonrepeating itineraries for an extended, back-to-back cruise experience.

Cruises affected by this pause in operation are:
• Nieuw Statendam: Eight departures from May 2 through June 27, 2021, that include seven- and 14-day Norway and Baltic itineraries, as well as the 14- and 21-day Collectors’ Voyages of those cruises.

• Volendam: June 19, 2021, 14-day Adriatic Dream cruise and the 24-day Adriatic Dream and Greek Odyssey Collectors’ Voyage departing the same date.

• Westerdam: June 19, 2021, 12-day Greece and Adriatic Antiquities cruise and the 24-day Adriatic Antiquities and Mediterranean Romance Collectors’ Voyage departing the same date.

All Guests Able to Rebook in 2022 on a Comparable Cruise
Holland America Line is notifying all guests and their travel advisors of their options. Guests currently booked on the canceled Europe departures will be able to rebook on an equivalent cruise in 2022 at the 2021 fare – with all cash and Future Cruise Credit funds moved to the new booking. Guests will be offered a comparable cruise in 2022 to replace the canceled voyage and instructions on how to confirm this selection online.

If guests decide not to accept a cruise booking in 2022 by April 15, 2021, they automatically default to receive a Future Cruise Credit of 110% of any cash paid on the booking. The minimum FCC is $25 and the maximum will be an amount up to the base cruise fare paid. Guests will retain any other FCC used for the canceled 2021 booking with all FCC amounts moved to their loyalty account for use on a future cruise booking. For all bookings in 2022, standard cancellation policies apply.

Full Refund Option Also Available
Guests who prefer a 100% refund of monies paid to Holland America Line can visit the Cancellation Preferences Form to indicate their preference no later than April 15, 2021.

The FCC is valid for sailings departing through Dec. 31, 2022. Noncruise fare purchases — shore excursions, airfare, gifts, dining and spa — will be transferred to a new booking if possible or automatically refunded via the method of payment used to purchase the services.

The above options are not applicable to guests booked on a charter sailing. Other booking and cancellation conditions and policies may apply if the cruise was not booked through Holland America Line. See the terms and conditions in the Cancellation Preferences Form for all details.

Holland America Line previously paused global cruise operations and canceled all departures on all ships through April 30, 2021; Mediterranean cruises through early June; and all departures sailing to or from a Canadian port in 2021.

Holland America Line is closely following the protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other authorities and is preparing ships and implementing procedures to meet all requirements for approval once a restart date is determined.

  • Mary Myers

    Oh dear, I was supposed to be on the Westerdam on June 19th for the 24 day cruise. That was after a similar cruise was cancelled for May. That was after our scheduled cruises on the Veendam in May and then June of 2020 were cancelled and the ship was sold. I’m still working on future cruise credits from May of 2020.

  • David P Kudro

    Hi Mary
    So sorry your cruises keep getting canceled. I will be a first time cruiser and in August of 2019 I signed up for an inside passage cruise out of Seattle Washington to Alaska and back in June 2020. I was had a $250. on board ship credit for that cruise. The 2020 cruise was canceled and I took the 125% Future Cruise Credits and a $250. on board ship credit. I applied the FCC and rebooked the same cruise for June of 2021 which looks like it too will be canceled. I have a good understanding of the FCC usage, however, confused a bit on the onboard ship credits. In 2020 I had $250. and now given $250. for the cancellation of my June 2020 cruise. If this June of 2021 cruise gets canceled and following the logic Holland America will use the 110% that they are currently for FCC I am in a quandary as to how the onboard ship credits will transfer if I re-book for 2022. Will I get my promised $250. for canceled 2020 and the $250. for 2021 giving me $500. onboard credit or just the $250. or do I loose all onboard ship credit all together? Seems to me after 2 years and possibly now s third year waiting till 2022 they would or should add the two years onboard ship credit to the 2022 cruise should this June 2021 cruise like yours gets canceled too. Like earlier I understand the FCC but having never cruised I understand the onboard credit is only good once you are onboard and cruising. My question is will they add previous onboard credits together from the two previous years of cancellations. I will appreciate any light you can shine on my question. I hope you will be able to take your European cruise soon! I someday hope to cruise Europe too.
    Thanking you in advance Dave

  • Julie

    Any onboard credits you earned will be transferred to a future cruise.

  • Linda Coughenower

    30 day South America cruise in November 2021 on the Westerdam. Fingers and toes crossed still going and open ports in South America.
    Love to see the giant icebergs, too. Close but not Titanic close. 😉

  • Tom Blaedon

    My wife and I are booked on the Northern Isles Cruise leaving Amsterdam July18, 2021. What does the probability look like of this cruise happening?
    Additionally, if it does happen, will there be Covid testing available on board the ship to meet the requirement of any ports for negative results before people are allowed to disembark for shore excursions?
    And finally, will there be Covid testing on board to meet the requirement of a negative test result prior to disembarkation in Amsterdam, and same day air travel returning to the USA?


    I am booked on The N Statendam for July 18 2021. It looks slim that she will sale, but if it does, what will the port requirements be? Will we only be allowed to leave the ship if we have a ship bought shore package?

  • Julie

    Hi Linda, we don’t have this information at this time. Please call reservations to have them keep you up to date.

  • Julie

    Hi Tom, we have not made any decisions at this time regarding COVID testing and requirements. Please check back with your travel advisor, and on the blog for updates.

  • Zilpha Blair

    We are all set for August 1 on the 21 night sailing of the Neiuw Statendam out of Amsterdam. Ever the ever incurable optimist I am looking forward to being back on board a Holland America ship after having to cancel five of your cruises this last year.

  • Garrick Le

    I have been waiting for updates on the July 18 ‘s Iceland and Baltic cruise out of Amsterdam.
    The Netherlands are still in lock down until April 20 .
    Will this sail?
    We are anxious to know soon so we can plan accordingly. If not, we want a backup travel plan for this summer.
    Please update us ASAP.
    Can’t wait to sail again.

  • Julie

    That is still planned to sail at this time.

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