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Explorer’s Scrapbook: Vatican City

My trip to Vatican City was nothing short of spectacular and it left a lasting impression with me. St. Peter’s Basilica was, without a doubt, the most impressive piece of architecture I’ve ever seen. Pictures and words could not describe how magnificent the basilica was. It’s easy to forget that within the heart of Rome lies another country — the world’s smallest sovereign state — but as soon as you cross the “borders,” there is no mistaking that you have entered another world. The sights are amazing. When visiting St. Peter’s, as soon as I walked through the door, my heart stopped. I could have never prepared for the shear immensity of the Basilica.

It was easy to sense the history that surrounds the Basilica. Every piece of sculpture, ornament or painting that I saw breathed a life on its on. Yet despite all the glorious artwork that surrounds this building, there was a sense that I was in a warm and safe place; this was sanctuary. I truly think that everyone should experience Rome and the Vatican once in your life.

Eduard Moldoveanu
Internet Manager
ms Ryndam

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