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Explorer’s Scrapbook: Torres Winery

The Nieuw Amsterdam team had the opportunity to go on an educational excursion to the famous Torres Winery in Penedes, Spain, during our visit to Barcelona. It was an amazing experience, as the winery boasted a state of art audio-visual theatre in which they presented their brief history. No doubt the winery is fully equipped to showcase proudly the wine making process. We were taken around in a coach to the sites where processes like fermentation, aging and bottling take place. The most fascinating part was to see the amount of oak casks stored in the cellar for aging. At each step they explained the technical aspect of the procedure. We had a chance to take a walk in the vineyard and see how vines were grafted and raised with tender care.

The next stop was the most favorite of all, tasting where we had a chance to taste three of their varieties. The team enjoyed it as they got engrossed describing each wine in their own words. We also had a chance to go to their retail outlet and see many of their labels, some team members actually bought the wines to enjoy onboard.

It was an outstanding experience for my team and myself and I am sure our guests would also appreciate it. We offer many tours to wineries around the world, and it’s an ideal opportunity to learn more about wine.

Sameer M. Verma
Cellar Master
ms Nieuw Amsterdam

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