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Veendam Dry-Dock Update: March 30, 2009

After a successful transit from Tampa to Freeport, the Veendam arrived at the Grand Bahama Shipyard last Saturday. She will be out of service for 35 days, and in this time some major changes will be carried out.

Presently the Veendam is alongside a pier in anticipation of the move to the actual dry-dock, but a lot of demolition is already taking place, especially on the aft section of the ship where new cabins are created and also the new wading pool.

This is Deck 9 aft, where complete bulkheads are being cut away.


Veendam used to have an escalator here, but it’s gone now!

On Deck 6 the holes are being cut for the new Lanai cabins.


In one or two days the Veendam will move into the dry-dock, where a new section is hanging suspended in the air, ready to be lowered onto the stern of the Veendam.


In order to be able to carry all the extra weight that is added onto the back of the ship, a section will be added that is called a ducktail.


With the installation of balconies on the spa cabins that will be located on Deck 9, the captain would no longer be able to see the side of the ship. As this would make docking very difficult, the Veendam is also getting new bridge wings, which will stick out farther so we can see the side of the ship from the bridge again.


Jochem Bakker is Veendam’s chief officer.

  • Curica

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to see more of the changes and the progress of the works. That’s very interesting. Especially as we have booked for the first cruise on the renewed ship in may

  • TomO

    We too will be on the Veendam on May 1 after disembarking last week. It will be fun to see the changes!

  • Maasdam

    Hello, I have some questions, about this rebuilding program.

    Question 1: I try to visualize the final appearance of the Veendam after this refit. Is it right that the stern appearance looks similar to that of the Amsterdam Volendam and Zaandam stern.

    Question 2: If the answer on 1 is yes, will the Rotterdam also receive a ducktail, she’s have the exact dimensions as here sister Amsterdam only lacking the extra stern balconies.

    Question 3: Will every cabin on board receive a new decor, or only the cabins concerned in this refit.

    Hope you will answer my questions if there is time to do so.

    Greetings from a sunny home port of Rotterdam.

  • matty24

    I had a great time on the Veendam right before it went into dry dock. To answer your question Ben all the staterooms decor is changing and I believe the Rotterdam is going to have a ducktail too.

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