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Snapshot from a Panama Canal Cruise

Just going through some of my photos from my Panama Canal cruise on the Zuiderdam and thought you all would like this one. It was taken just southwest of Cuba. – Lynn Hardey

Gorgeous snapshot from a Zuiderdam cruise.


    did you get off the ship in panama? and if so what did you do and what do you suggest? how was the cruize as a, excursions…would u go again? could you feel the motion on the ship? if so do you suggest taking something for it..?

  • Colleen

    I look forward to seeing a sun rise/set as beautiful on my Panama Cruise in March 2012. It will be my 4th with HAL. I am terribly sensitive to ship movement, but the Transdermal patch worn behind the ear works wonders! I have them ready and waiting for 2012. I look forward to traveling on the Zuiderdam. Four cruises 4th ship. My bucket list has “cruise on each and every “Dam” ship.

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