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Recipe: Master Chef Rudi Sodamin’s Butter Poached Maine Lobster from his Food & Beverage Aficionado Cruise

Holland America Line’s Master Chef and Culinary Council Chairman Rudi Sodamin recently sailed to the Caribbean aboard Nieuw Statendam for his Food & Beverage Aficionado Cruise. While onboard, Rudi led a cooking demonstration, question & answer session and hosted his Chef’s Table Dinner at Rudi’s Sel De Mer, his namesake dining venue.

During his cooking presentation, Rudi demonstrated how to make his delectable Butter Poached Maine Lobster with pea purée, Alaskan crabmeat and shellfish oil, and now we’re sharing this irresistible recipe with you!

Rudi sodamin demo

Serves 4

21 ounces Imperial lobster tails (Shell off, poached in clarified butter)
28.5 ounces clarified butter
2 ounces frozen green peas
2 teaspoons olive oil
Pinch to taste salt
Pinch to taste ground white pepper
4 1/4 ounces lump crab meat (Defrosted and drained of water)
1 lobster head (Defrosted)
4 1/4 ounces vegetable oil
1 1/2 small diced carrots
1 1/2 small diced onions
3/4 ounce tomato paste
1/2 large, fresh red chili (Sliced)
1 1/4 ounces mayonnaise
2 teaspoons white onion
2 teaspoons red bell pepper
2 teaspoons green bell pepper
Pinch to taste salt
Pinch to taste Tabasco
1 3/4 ounces green zucchini (Thinly shaved)
1 ounce Cipollini onion (Cut in half, roasted & separate leaves)
3/4 teaspoon Dill sprig (Garnish)
3/4 teaspoons Micro cress (Garnish)

Rudi sodamin demo


Shellfish Oil: Sauté the lobster head with a touch of vegetable oil until golden in color. Add the onion and carrots and cook until browning. Add the tomato paste, mix well, cover with vegetable oil and simmer for 45 minutes. Cool down mixture and drain well. Reserve until needed.

For the pea purée: Blanch the peas in boiling water for 1 minute, cool them down in ice water, transfer to thermos-mix, add olive oil and some cooking liquid to help blend until smooth. Remove and pass through a fine strainer. Reheat when needed.

Poached butter lobster: Remove the lobster tail from the shell, place them on bamboo skewers in hot clarified butter at 90 C until cooked. At this stage, remove skewer from the meat.

Mix the crab meat, sautéed vegetable, mayonnaise and Tabasco together until all is covered. Place the crab onto the zucchini. Enjoy!

Do these recipes have you salivating over our Food & Beverage Aficionado cruises? Join us on a journey of the senses, along with some of world’s leading food and wine aficionados, including members Holland America Line’s Culinary Council. Enjoy cooking classes, a cocktail or wine-making demonstration, wine tastings, a lavish dinner with wine pairings and a chance to meet the experts!

  • Stacy Borucki

    We are looking into going on the June 30 cruise. I am hoping there are gluten free options. I have child with an allergy to gluten.
    I looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Julie

    Hi Stacy, we do have gluten-free options. Please call ship services as soon as possible to discuss: 800–541–1576

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