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Postcard from Puerto Rico

Blog fan Suzanne recently took her first HAL cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam, and she sent us this beautiful photo from her travels. More to come from Suzanne!

Welcome to Castillo de San Felipe del Morro Declared a World Heritage elite by the United Nations in 1933. El Morro is Puerto Rico’s best known fortress. Spanish troops fortified this ‘morro’, which means ‘promontory’, to keep seaborne enemies out of San Juan. Today this dramatic castle welcomes multitudes of arriving cruise ships and aircraft to the busiest port in the Caribbean. Over two million visitors a year explore theme windswept ramparts and pageways, where the history of 400 years of Spain in Puerto Rico comes alive.

The important point of this image is that you could ONLY obtain this image by cruising into this port. Captain Mercer took the slow approach and gave us all quite the view. You could not take it from the air or a motor boat (too choppy). What a privilege to see this from this angle. — Suzanne

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