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Marco’s Moments: Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam Meet in San Juan

For the first time ever both Signature ships were in port together. Yesterday in San Juan, Puerto Rico, both the Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam were docked right alongside each other. The Eurodam arrived in port at 1:00pm and the Nieuw Amsterdam at 4:00pm. In the afternoon, Paul Kern, assistant culinary operations manager and myself walked up to the El Morro fortress to see the Nieuw Amsterdam coming into port. It was a beautiful sight to see our sister ship sailing past the fortress and provided great photo opportunities.

Afterwards we walked through the beautiful old town of San Juan back towards the ships. We went in the Sheraton hotel and they were very kind to allow us up on the top floor, so we were able to take some beautiful shots of both Signature ships together. It will probably be a long time before we are in port together again, but it gave many crew members the opportunity to go and have a look at either ship and compare. Both ships left around the same time from San Juan onto the next port on their itinerary.

Marco van Belleghem is Eurodam’s hotel manager.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great shots!

  • Betty Schindler

    Awesome!! The two newest HAL ships!! Thanks for sharing! Will be on the Eurodam in Feb. Can’t wait!

  • Jan and Dian Sciuk

    We will aboard the Eurodam and in San Juan Puerto Rico on February 14th, we are so excited, thanks for the wonderful pictures

  • Robert Byrne

    Great photos of the Nieuw Amsterdam. It’s by far the best ship in the Dam Fleet. Holland America can be proud of her.

  • Dr.Doom

    Simply stunning.

  • Johan Schram

    Mooie foto’s op een mooie locatie. Twee van de mooie schepen van de Hal bij elkaar is mooi vlagvertoon.

  • Judy Berdy

    Marco- Wonderful photos. Hope to soon take a HAL cruise.

  • Frederika

    Beautiful pictures, I made the maiden trips on both ships.

  • Aann Stibdard

    Such elegance and grace! You can keep the water slides, glitz and glamour. I love being treated like royalty and all the subtle nicities that HAL is famous for. Can hardly wait until our next cruise to Alaska and/or the Panama Canal./

  • Tony & Anna da Silva

    We”ll be sailing Sat Feb 18 out of Ft.Lauderdale on Nieuw Amsterdam to Eastern Caribbean. Hope to meet other couples on Board.

    Brampton, ON Canada

  • Jim Park

    I was in port in San Juan two weeks ago and also visited the Sheraton Hotel after Old San Juan. Unfortunately I was not on the top floor taking pictures, I was in the first floor casino losing money.

    I have been on the Oosterdam,Maasdam and the Westerdam and hope to get on these two beautiful ships at some point.

  • Alan Krutt

    Just earned my third Mariner Star on the Eurodam from which I debarked this morning. Still don’t understand how HAL delivers such an outstanding cruise experience with a crew that works its tail off and ALWAYS smiles. Thanks!

  • Linda Higgins

    We had the pleasure of being on the Eurodam when it met it’s sister ship in San Juan. It was a gorgeous site and look forward to booking a cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam going out of Venice. The Eurodam was our favorite cruise ever, nothing compares to it.

  • Helen

    The ships are beautiful, and I am looking forward to going on the Eurodam in October, to Canada and New England. Great time of year to see the colors as the trees change, in the fall.

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