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Leadership Makes for Great Service

Excellent blog, thanks so much for the information. Your time lapse of the entry to Curacao brought back memories of our recent Zuiderdam experience (left Fort Lauderdale on 2/27, so this may even have been our trip). I recall your description of the approach on your daily announcement: “it’s like entering a garage at 30 mph and stopping before hitting the back wall.” The video certainly makes that point.

My congratulations to all of the ship’s team … my wife and I had a fabulous time, and experienced great service from all departments. In our cruising experience, consistent great service is largely tied to leadership, from the Captain down through all of the officers and crew. Kudos for your leadership, your communications with the passengers, and for the overall experience.

For those of us who missed the on-board presentation, it would be helpful if you posted a little about the environmental officer, and the process of making of fresh water and the disposal of waste.

Thanks again.


Lee Wells
Woodbury, Minnesota

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