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If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Nassau

Guest Gilles Leblanc sent us this fun post about how he and his family mark the days of the week in photos while on a cruise. The photos were taken on two back-to-back seven-day eastern and southern Caribbean cruises during the holidays on board Statendam.

One thing that I have noticed while sailing is the difficulty to coordinate the day that we are on with the photos that we take. To resolve the problem on our last family cruise, I had decided to take a photo of the carpet of the day in the elevator.

As my son is accompanying me, he went on the carpet and posed. That was a must for every day. We had fun doing this and seeing the people we implicated in our photos.

Well, it turned out to be a great way to know which day we were on, as it was embedded on our camera.

I invite all of you with a sense of youth to do the same. You will see how great it turns out in your photo album, and all the laughs that you will have remembering what you had to do doing this.

Have fun on your cruise. It is your vacation.




On our last day we felt sorry that we had to go.

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