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Explorer’s Scrapbook: Swimming with Dolphins

If you want to have fun in Ocho Rios Jamaica, pay a visit to Dolphin Cove resort. You will have the chance to swim with Betta. You will ask yourself who is Betta? She is an amazing dolphin.

The instructor told us that she can move her eyes separately as well as look in different directions at the same time. And this is nothing. In order to detect an object she can send a sound wave that acts like sonar. She can even detect if a woman is pregnant as they will perceive the heart beat of the baby.

Well these are senses that I would like to have actually, any woman would like to have those skills. Am I right Ladies? She was sweet and happy like a puppy.

Ioana Cheregi
Human Resources Manager
ms Ryndam

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  • Eko

    NIce Pic 🙂

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