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We’re Falling for These Wonderous Waterfall Tours Around the World

Waterfalls are beautiful sights to behold, often found in some of the most scenic parts of the world. From smaller, trickling ones that add a touch of elegance to the side of a fjord to mammoth ones that give off a deafening roar, the world is overflowing with these awe-inspiring gifts from Mother Nature. If seeing a waterfall is your ideal type of shore excursion, check out these magical tours that features some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.


Iguazu Falls: Natural Wonder of the World

One of the most spectacular sites on earth, guests on this tour take a flight to the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls, located at the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. These Falls are one of nature’s most impressive achievements — the locals call them Big Waters, but you’ll call them ‘simply unforgettable’ as you explore the Argentine side of Iguazu.

Comprised of a spectacular display of 250 giant cascades twice the height of Niagara Falls, Iguazu Falls plunges over hard granite to a gorge 260 feet below. Nature’s incredible power is revealed in the thunderous roar of crashing water, and in the magic of the rainbow-colored mist that rises from the cliffs. This is your chance to see a Wonder of the World firsthand. You will ride the train to Devil’s Throat and take a guided walk covering approximately one mile to view the falls. After lunch at a local restaurant guests take in another spectacular falls panorama from the famous Upper Circuit trail.


The Valley of Waterfalls

Djupivogur is a quaint fisihing village.

Djupivogur is a quaint fishing village. Photo credit:

You’ll learn to appreciate Iceland’s rugged and unforgiving, as well as gentle and exceptionally beautiful, landscape on this panoramic drive through valleys and moors near the lovely village of Djupivogur, Iceland.

The view of the impressive East Fjords features towering mountains scaled by bare rock faces and ridged by the forces of weather and wind. The waterfalls tumble from lofty heights and plunge vertically into the sea. Magnificent landscapes, nature, mountains and reindeer abound.


4×4 Safari to La Tille Waterfall

Don’t miss this combination of 4-wheel-drive fun, history, sightseeing and a chance to see the island of St. Lucia from a totally different perspective. Drive through the capital of Castries and head up to the Morne Viewpoint for a panoramic view of Castries and its surrounds. In the Cul de Sac Valley, you’ll follow the road edged with banana palms swaying in the breeze. Pause to admire the picturesque village of Dennery, stretch your legs and take in spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Next stop — La Tille Waterfall. Leave your 4×4 vehicle for a stroll through the gardens to view various fruit trees and plants. Sip on a cool, refreshing beverage before setting off on a short hike on the natural trail with walking sticks in hand.

La Tille. Photo credit:

La Tille. Photo credit:

At the waterfall, there will be time here for a cool swim and relaxation.

Learn how this peaceful estate survives on its own hydro and solar systems — an environmentally friendly, sustainable and beautiful setting.

ILHABELA (São Sebastião), BRAZIL:

Historic Ilhabela & Toca Waterfall

Ilhabela, Brazil

Ilhabela, Brazil

On your way to the falls, stop for photos at Barreiros Viewpoint. Step inside Ilhabela’s foremost church, Nossa Senhora D’Ajuda, built in 1806; then continue past the Princess’ House en route to visit the Nautical Museum. Following this, a scenic 15-minute drive brings you to the Toca Waterfalls, located on the site of an old sugar and banana plantation. The sugar plantation was founded here in 1937 for the production of cachaça, liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice. You’ll have an hour to explore the area, with a guided visit to the three main falls. Taste the famous cachaça then pause for photos of Gilmar Pinna’s sculptures at the beach garden before returning to the ship.


Lake Myvatn
Begin with a drive along the coast of Iceland’s longest fjord, Eyjafjörður, with an excellent view of Akureyri and its surrounding mountains.

After crossing Víkurskard Pass, you will view Fnjóskadalur Valley where geological remains of glacial and post-glacial times can clearly be seen. Stop at Godafoss — the waterfall of heathen gods and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. The Skjalfandafljot River falls from a height of 36 feet over a breadth of 100 feet.

You’ll drive directly to the Lake Myvatn area, stopping by the Skutustadir Craters before lunch. After lunch visit the Dimmuborgir lava labyrinth — a paradise of towering lava castles, natural arches and countless unexplored grottos. The last stop is at the gurgling purple and yellow sulfur cauldrons at the high-temperature geothermal field of Namaskard.


Montmorency Falls & Island of Orleans

Along the St. Lawrence River, within minutes of the old walled city of Quebec, you will discover the beautiful pastoral landscapes of the Island of Orleans and Montmorency Falls.

Cross the bridge to the Isle of Orleans for a scenic drive through the picturesque villages of traditional rural Quebec — a veritable open-air museum boasting more than 600 heritage buildings. Guests visit an authentic sugar shack where they learn about the production of maple syrup.

You’ll also stop at Mauvide-Genest Manor built in 1734 — a rare and exceptional example of the island’s French seigneurial past, and one of the oldest remaining manor houses in Québec.

Pause to view the magnificent Montmorency Falls, 1½ times the height of Niagara Falls. Coffee, tea and pastries will be served at the elegant Montmorency Manor while you enjoy the breathtaking views and see the powerful forces of nature at work as the water of the Montmorency River roars down a 270-foot cliff to eventually meet the St. Lawrence River.

Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls

Remember if you’re interested in these tours, they can be pre-booked so you don’t miss out! Click HERE to book now.

Do you love visiting waterfalls around the world? What’s the most beautiful one you’ve seen? Tell us below!

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