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Train to the Tribe

Note: Maasdam currently is at Sept-Iles

When I visited Sept-Iles, the train service to visit the Innu community had not yet started. But I did get an overview from a helicopter, and the trip along the Moise River looked promising then.


I did get to visit the train’s destination, where I spent an afternoon with the Innu people.


It was an absolutely fascinating experience, where I got to hear Innu stories, see a drum demonstration and sample some of the food, such as smoked salmon (from the world-renowned Moise River) and bannick bread, baked in an earth oven.


The drum ceremony was something truly special. Only the elder men in the tribe, and only certain ones of them, are allowed to play the drum, which is a sacred instrument among the Innu.

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  • frenchy

    We can describe this stop as a unique cultural experience !! I loved the way our guide has explained Innus’ tradition. I thoroughly enjoyed this port of call: Sept-Iles is very authentik and all the people we’ve met were nice and attentive to our needs. I would love to come back and learn more about the area!

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