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Halifax Shore Excursion Visits Titanic Graves

On a recent visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the ms Maasdam, one of our shore excursions took us for a visit to Fairview Lawn Cemetery where 121 victims of the April 15, 1912, tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic are buried. As you see in the photo, the plots are aligned similar to the bow of a ship, port side.

ma_char_titanic1 ma_char_titanic2

In 1985 when the remains of the Titanic were discovered on the ocean floor, the direction the ship is pointing is the same direction that the headstones are pointing in the cemetery which was created 70-plus years prior to the finding.

Another interesting story we heard was in the making of the recent movie, the main character was named Jack Dawson. Unbeknownst to the movie industry, there was a person who went down with Titanic named J. Dawson. The actual person however was not a passenger but a crew member who shoveled coal for the engines. Many more interesting stories are told here in Halifax where the rescue operation of the Titanic took place.

Since the disaster of the Titanic, it has caused the ship industry to continually evaluate and re-evaluate safety procedures on board. Improvements to the safety system are always being made with intense training for the crew to handle all emergency situations from fires to damaged or sinking ships to man overboards to emergency medical evacuations.

Char Patton is Maasdam’s future cruise consultant.

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  • Maasdam

    Holland America Line, have a close link to the Titanic disaster. HAL was in those days a sister company of White Star Line. Both lines build there ship by the famous Harland and Wolff ship yards. After one of the director mister Wierdsma made several trips on Titanic sister ship Olympic and was on board when she collided with a British navy vessel. He was impressed by the safety of the ship. HAL decided to order a similar ship. The order was placed in December 1911. The ship named Statendam was 1 third smaller then the Olympic class and was build on the same slipway as Titanic.

    When Titanic was ready fore here maiden voyage one of here first class passengers was Goerge Reuchlin son of HAL founder Otto Reuchlin. He decided to made the trip, so he could see how things going on a big liner. Mister Reuchlin boarded Titanic in Cherbourg France.

    Apparently he dinned several times with Bruce Ismay of White Star Line and Thomas Andrews designer of the Olympic class and designer of the new Statendam. mister Reuchlin also sent telegrams to the Captain of the HAL liner Ryndam. Ryndam on here turn sent ice messages to Titanic (the Ryndam is mentioned in Titanic)

    Sadly mister Reuchlin did not survived the accident. He left behind a wife and 3 young children. HAL payed widow Maria Reuchlin 5000 Dutch guilders annually. This payment was focal point in a court case between Maria and the Dutch governemnt over tax penalty’s that was higher then the money she received from HAL. It shocked the Dutch and after Maria won the court case, The Dutch governemnt made on of the first social laws to support widows and there children. Today it’s one of The Netherlands most important social laws.

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