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HAL Facebook Fan Shares Canada/New England Photos

We invited our Facebook fans to share with us their HAL photos from Canada/New England to be in the running for the line’s “Fans’ First” Facebook Page Cover Photo today, March 1. Guest Carrie Kroschel had so many great photos we decided to create a special post just for her. Let’s see if one of her photos wins!

These photos were taken during my HAL cruise to Quebec in October 2012. – Carrie Kroschel

DSC_5115 (2)

DSC_5136 (2)

DSC_5114 (2)

DSC_5146 (2)

DSC_5183 (2)

DSC_5303 (2)

DSC_5213 (2)

DSC_5426 (2)

DSC_5368 (2)

DSC_5433 (2)

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