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Stockholm Is a ‘Green’ City

What’s big and green and occupies one third of Stockholm’s total land area? Parks.

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Stockholm is an exceptionally green city, and the best place to experience that green is in the former royal deer park known as Djurgarden.

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Only a few minutes by ferry from Stockholm’s bustling city center, Djurgarden is a “must experience” destination for any visitor to Stockholm.

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Of course, people flock here to see the park’s popular museums and attractions, but the real reason for coming to Djurgarden is to commune with nature.

You can do just that at the zoo in Skansen, where Nordic animals roam against a not-so-distant city landscape. Or you can spend a day walking along — or running along — the park’s many paths.

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The best way to see Djurgarden is on a bike. You can rent one in the park and ride the easy-to-pedal roads. You’ll soon forget that you are in the heart of a large cosmopolitan city. In fact, some of the scenes in Djurgarden fool you into thinking that you’re out in the Swedish countryside.

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If you’d rather watch the passing scenery from the perspective of the water, you can take a canal tour or canoe under your own power.

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When you’ve thoroughly exerted — but not exhausted — yourself, you’ll find no shortage of places to picnic or to be a child again, doing cartwheels.

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You certainly won’t feel the crush of humanity in this beautiful park with its many intimate hideaways. Pitch a blanket under the apple trees at Rosendendals Tradgard, then pick up a bite to eat while browsing the nearby greenhouses and the gorgeous flowers.

Stockholm is, in fact, a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s white and purple and yellow and blue, but above all, Stockholm is green.

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