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Ryndam Crew Biking Adventure at Flam, Norway

After our journey on the Flamsbana train from Flam to Myrdal we finally started our excursion back to Flam by bike. First came the steepest part. From Myrdal located at 866m then towards Kårdal at 556m we followed the path with nine hairpin curves and enjoyed the fantastic views of waterfalls. Then it started to rain, this was the fun part and it didn’t stop us back on our journey back towards Flam. After two hours of biking and being totally soaked we were back at the pier where the ms Ryndam was docked. Happy to be home and another wonderful memory richer.

Lynn Vleugels, assistant shore excursions manager
ms Ryndam

Ryndam Crew at Flam.

Ryndam crew members at Flåm, Norway.

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