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Kudos to Ryndam’s Staff & Crew

Thanks to Keith Larby for sending in some photos of the ms Ryndam staff and crew! To see more of Keith’s photography visit his website.

This is Angga, an assistant steward in the Lido on board ms Ryndam. He always stood in the same spot by the Lido saying “Washey Washey” he was always happy, smiling dancing and also made every guest happy and laugh. Obviously Hand sanitisation is extremely important on board but he dispensed it with a smile and somehow made it seem fun!


These hard working staff made our trip to Norway very special.

IMG_2079  IMG_1874


IMG_1170  IMG_2081

IMG_2082  IMG_1884


IMG_2066  IMG_1139

IMG_1438  IMG_1495

IMG_2078  IMG_1498

IMG_2045  IMG_2064

  • JoAnn

    What a great cruise we had on the Ryndam. Three weeks the cruise of the midnight sun.
    Such great food, service and the usual gracious nd wonderful staff that us HAL!!!

  • Karon McIntosh

    I could not agree more the staff on the Ryndam last week in the Baltics were fantastic. HAL have got something very special.

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