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A Stroll Through Tallinn, Estonia’s Historic Old Town

Tallin, Estonia is a very pretty city. The Historic Centre (Old Town) is protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The city is marked by cobbled streets and various styles of architecture. Here are some photos from our visit. Enjoy!

Tallinn building

Tallinn streets roof tops

Tallinn church Tallinn

Tallinn 3

Tallinn church Tallinn building

Tallinn street

Tallinn houses Tallinn buildings


Tallinn alley way Tallinn cafe


Tallinn 2

Tallinn cobblestone streets Tallinn building

Tallinn buildings

Tallinn sign

Kateryna Bannikova is Rotterdam’s human resources manager.

  • Linda

    Very Beautiful Place

  • Suzanne

    These images are wonderful thanks for sharing…

  • Trudy Van Dyke

    Love Tallinn. I have been there twice and would go again. Also I love the MS Rotterdam, one of my favorite ships. It is so elegant!

  • Theresa

    love your pictures!!! I was in Tallin Aug 17 on the Eurodam.

  • george

    very nice

  • Faith Morley

    Thanks for these beautiful pics. We were with HAL and visited Talinn two years ago. A beautiful experience

  • Charlene Pruett

    I visited Tallinn on a trip to Russia a few years ago. It was one of my favorite cities!! I hope to someday be able to visit there again.

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