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A Stroll Through Oslo, Norway

Today I decided to take you on a trip to Oslo, Norway. You all know that this is the place where the Nobel Prize is awarded to all the great world leaders and visionaries. It is also a place where history and the modern world live together in harmony. In the harbor, an old castle is guarding the city for centuries. The cannons are watching the horizon and the guards are still patrolling the old roads. It looks like time stood still. I could just imagine the frenzy of this place when they were preparing for the king’s arrival. Don’t you wish you were there as well? Outside the castle walls there is the modern world. The cafes are inviting you to get a taste of a warm coffee or hot chocolate and the street performers are entertaining you with music or a show. The city is awake and people are enjoying the warm summer days. There will be just few months until the darkness takes over and the city grows quiet.

Ioana Cheregi is Ryndam’s human resources manager.

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