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Shore Excursion: Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb & the Rocks

Yep, I suffer from a fear of heights. But two years ago I bungee jumped and in that same year was invited to join a longtime friend of mine Maggie (who lives in the Sydney area) for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. “There’s no way I am going to be able to do that,” I said to myself as we pulled into port at Circular Quay with the bridge looming above us. Well, there was no turning back as Maggie met me on the pier and said, “Here’s your ticket. My daughter and myself are joining you on the climb.” Phew! Deep breaths but my oh my was it worth it. It was scary in places as you realize that you are 134 meters into the sky on top of the world’s largest steel-arch bridge.

Sydney Bridge Climb

Sydney Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Kevin Farwell
Shore Excursions Manager
ms Volendam

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  • Bert Hagenaar

    Hi Kevin,

    Remember me, Bert “Your friendly Photographer and later Internet Manager from the Netherlands”. See you still on the DAM ships as a ShoreEx Manager! I left de Zaandam 2005 and this was the end of my long seagoing career. I now earn my living by selling cruises troughout several websites. Hope you doing well.


  • Sandra

    Wow, that’s what we want to do in Dec. for our anniversary..looks fabulous

  • Dianne Secora

    I haven’t been able to find an e-mail site so I can ask a question so I am asking it now. I travel alone but hate to pay extra charges…….many years ago you paired me up with an amazing lady and to this day we still e-mail each other. At that time I think my name was Dianne Richards. Do I still have the opportunity to join another female and not have to pay a single supplement.????????

  • Liz Day

    Hi Kev!
    Hope you remember me, Liz Day (wife of Security Officer Rick Day) loved seeing your picture and think of the fun we had!!!! I still have the ratings from that week somewhere! We blew them off the map! Have fun!

  • Julie

    From Kevin: Bert, you ain’t gonna believe this – but I think of you & the fun times we had working together. You were a very special friend & I have very happy memories of our contracts. Yes – still on these ‘dam’ ships – can’t give it up – love it too much! Currently in New Zealand – where today it’s sunny & warm in Tauranga. Stay well my friend & let me know if you want my e-mail address.

  • Julie

    From Kevin: Good grief – you must have been reading my mind – as only a few days ago we were discussing Rick & the day he saw me on the gangway & told me of an issue with a colostomy bag having broken on one of the tour buses with everyone complaining. He then smiled in only the way he can & I told him that he was a …….er. Liz – how are you girl? I sincerely hope life is heading in the right direction for you.

  • liz day

    Ohhh Kev, so glad to hear from you….and so glad you were thinking of Rick, I do miss him everyday….love to get back on the ships,,,,and would love to work with you!!! I will keep up on my end…email Bonnie @ HAL for my email address..Love Ya!

  • John P

    Kev; you guys did it! Proud of ya! Did Dana go up with you? Take care and be safe my friend!

  • Bert Hagenaar

    Hi Kevin,

    My “business e-mail address” is


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