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Ryndam & Statendam to Move to Sister Line P&O Cruises

Holland America Line has announced the transfer of ms Ryndam and ms Statendam to its sister company P&O Cruises in Australia.

The transition will take place in November 2015 following Statendam’s Alaska season and Ryndam’s Europe season. This will be shortly followed by the launch of Holland America Line’s new 99,500-ton Pinnacle-class ship in February 2016. The capacity of the new vessel at 2,648 guests will exceed the capacity leaving the fleet with the transfer of Statendam and Ryndam to P&O Cruises.

Ryndam will transfer to P&O Cruises in November 2015.

Ryndam will transfer to P&O Cruises in November 2015.

Until the transfer of the two ships in November 2015, Holland America Line is fully committed to delivering the same award-winning standards of excellence on both of these ships that our guests have come to expect. And it is our intention that anyone who wishes to remain with Holland America Line or join the P&O Cruises fleet will be given the opportunity to do so.

This move will help strengthen both Holland America Line and P&O Cruises and allow each to reach new potential going forward as leading cruise lines. As both brands are part of Carnival Corporation, this move leverages the Corporation’s ability to work collaboratively across brands and make the best strategic deployment decisions.

By adding Ryndam and Statendam, P&O Cruises will establish Australia’s largest year-round fleet and be well-positioned to continue meeting Australians’ surging demand for cruise vacations. Holland America Line is poised for continued success with the new Pinnacle-class ship.

  • Nedcruise

    By removing the Statendam it gives the possibility to use this famous name for the new Pinnacle class ship.

  • Denise

    I am sad:( we are 4 star mariners and the Rnydam was our first cruise to the sea of Cortez!, we live in San Diego and HAL is home there. So who will replace for cruises to Alaska, And on the Statendam’ s 30 day cruise from San Diego to South America round trip in 2016! We were going to take her on that trip. 10 cruise so far and we just did a 24 day Mediterrainean in July of last yr on Nieuw Amsterdam. Doing a 2 week on her next March from Ft. Lauderdale to the Caribbiean. She is big enough! Love her and all the other flag ship classes. Zaandam, Ossterdam, Ryandam, Statendam, and the fine lady Nieuw Amsterdam, Massdam also! Hope someone can answer who will replace them in San Diego for the other cruise. Thanks Denise

  • Mike

    Very sad to hear the loss of these two fine ships. It’s all about money and the big ships keep the bean counters happy at Carnival Corp. Maybe the passenger count remains the same, but any way you cut it there will be a loss of good itineraries that the Ryndam & Statendam did. One ship cannot replace two ships. But remember – its all about profit in corporate America these days ! We are planning cruises on both Ryndam and Statendam next year. It will be difficult after 2015 to find mid-class ships doing West Coast or Caribbean cruises except Alaska.

  • Courtney

    That makes me sad. I know they are getting on in years and HAL is ordering bigger ships to compete with other lines, but I LOVE the smaller ships better. My heart belongs to Maasdam and am glad she will be staying (sure her loyal officers are too, some have spent most their careers on Maasdam, and also secretly hoping that once I complete Maritime School I can work on her too) but am sad that her sisters are leaving. If HAL is going to keep ordering new ships, hopefully they will make some smaller ships again too.

  • Beverly

    We love the Ryndam and are saddened to hear she is leaving Holland America. Will the new ship that is replacing her, sail out of Tampa. If not, will Holland America still be sailing from Tampa??

  • k r mcveigh

    Makes me very nervous about the future of the P’dam. Once you get a lot of stars on your badge, it is all about the itineraries. I know there are real problems (cost, crew, etc) associated with managing a small ship effectively, but she remains our favorite

  • Douglas

    Just another sad example of cruise companies dumping their old and tired ships on the Australian market!!!

  • Lin

    Bigger is not always better? Good things come in small packages? This used to be how we viewed HAL. One of the reasons we choose HAL is the smaller and mid-size ships. As a Four Star Mariner I am so sad to see these favorites transferred and our options become more limited. Maybe another line (starts with R) is worth looking into–small ships, all inclusive including air and excursions. More expensive up front, but averages out about the same per day. We’ve just always liked HAL service and fantastic crew.

  • bob

    why the 2 nicest of the older ships???

  • Theodore Wade

    Like everyone else, I am very disappointed to hear 2 of my favorite ships are leaving the fleet, to be replaced by the Megadam.

    Most of us 4 and 5 star Mariners have the bulk of our time on the smaller ships. It’s the extra room that made us come back to HAL. The Vista ships are not desirable and the Pinnacle class is only slightly better.

    No one would care if the Veendam (due to its dreadful modifications) or any Vista class ship were to leave the fleet. By taking the path of “bigger is better” you will lose many loyal customers.

  • John McNaughton

    My wife and I took the Statendam from Seward to Vancouver in June of this year. We enjoyed the cruise and especially liked the manageable size of the ship.
    The staff were exceptionally nice and I have a sneaking suspicion that on a much larger vessel, the service might be more hurried and impersonal.
    The Australian market will be lucky to get this great ship.

  • Susan Mellups

    I am about to take my second westbound TA on the Ryndam, a ship that I fell in love with last November. I call it the old woody station wagon of cruise ships, and no new built ship can replace that family feeling. Boo Hoo.
    Real steamer chairs, a nice walk through promenade deck, the nicest crew sailing, and a clubhouse library. We’ll miss her.
    I am tempted to take her last voyage next Fall….

  • Bruce

    As a five star mariner now it is sad to see these ships go. First sailed on the Statendam when she was only one year old out of Vancouver BC on a repro. thru the panama channel. Traveled every year at end of the Alaska season on one ship of another but mainly the Statendam. There were 3 couples that always travelled together at least two or three cruises each year. We had such fun with the staff and both crew members as they got to know us and us them. We got to know all the matre’s as they would sometimes go onto the ship to start their new contracts. Why these two great ships why not the Veendam with its poor conversion of aft end pool and staterooms. Any way enough said sorry for the great loss.

  • Mary

    I was saddened by the news that HAL is pulling both the Statendam and Ryndam ships from it rosters. We have traveled on all four of the S class ships and the Rynday was our favourite, we had four memorable trips on board the MS Ryndam. Time does march on but this news is bitter sweet for us die hard devoted Hal Mariners

  • Laura

    Just returned from our 4th trip on HA; last journey on Ryndam. Learned of the transfer while onboard out of Tampa to Western Caribbean. They ARE NOT keeping this poor ship in good condition! Many of us who have sailed before were very disappointed in the condition of the ship, service, food, etc. We like smaller ships but will bail on HA after our last experience. Sad.

  • Paul Kral

    We are 4 star Mariners working towards our fifth star, and like others are concerned about the loss of HAL’s two smaller ships. We are booked on a March 2015 30 day San Diego to San Diego cruise on the Statendam that turns around in Lima, Peru. Since the ship will be transferred to P & O in November I am concerned about the service and condition of the ship during this cruise. We have also been regulars on Seabourn and if this cruise is not up to par we wont worry about achieving our fifth star we will cruise exclusively on Seabourn whose largest ships carry 450 passengers.

  • Beryl Wills

    As one ot the thousands of Loyal customers of Holland America am unable to understand why they are getting rid of two of their mid size ships, surely the company shoould be loyal to their customers, yet again Carnival strikes

  • Gary

    Old ships to new harbors. Makes we old sailors think about our own new harbors. We have sailed more on the Statendam than any other of the HAL ships. Good-by old friend. Nothing sentimental about the capitalists who own you. Bigger is better, by definition? I think not. Note that the 6 star competitors can manage a reasonable profit on ships only half the size of the Statendam. No rock climbing walls for me, nor water slides, nor numerous spas, mini golf courses, green grass, whatever. Maybe it’s just that some of us old folks hate to see an old ship sent away. Strikes pretty close to home. Cheers.

  • Jennie

    I am very sorry to see the Ryndam go. We took our first HAL cruise this past December out of Tampa and our expectations were completely exceeded. I am stunned by Laura’s post about the ship not being kept up. Especially since they just did a major overhaul of the ship about a year ago, I believe. Our experience and taste levels are quite high – as are our standards, and we found the food, service, cleanliness and amenities to be top notch. To be honest, we’ve sailed on Carnival and Norwegian and HAL blew both of those out of the water. Living in Orlando we were so excited to have HAL leaving out of Tampa as it is just about an hour drive. It was our first “smaller” ship and we now favor that over the bigger ships. I understand the need to make room for bigger ships which translates to bigger profits, but we are very sad about this.

  • Bea

    I too am very disappointed. I love the Statendam it is a wonderful ship size. People donot have to wait forever to get a meal, the theater, Lido, or chairs at the pool. Those really big ships are nothing but a waiting machine. I have gone on several long trips on the Statendam and enjoyed every part of the voyage.

  • Eric

    Such a pity. Sailed twice on Ryndam (my introduction to cruising) – picked her because she sailed out of Dover (which HAL has deserted but that’s another story) and because of her mid size. Replacing smaller ships with one bigger ship is not popular – just read the previous comments!


    Like so many other HAL passengers, my wife and I really sad that we are losing the Rhyndam out of Tampa. We hope that HAL provides us with another ship that sails, RT, out ofTampa so that we don’t have to make due on Carnival, Norweigen, or Royal Caribbean. We hope that HAL is happy with the disappointment they have created with their very loyal cruisers. We hope the deal with P&O the Australian market backfires.

  • Sue

    Sad to hear that the Ryndam is being sold. I agree with many of the above comments that the smaller ships are much nicer. Also, same as Eric we picked the Ryndam because she sailed out of Dover, and had 2 wonderful cruises on her. (Baltic and Fjords). What is even sadder is that HAL seems to be deserting the UK completely after this year, first the transfer to Harwich and then in 2016 seems to be nothing.

  • Jim McCurdy

    Both my wife and I are saddened by the Statedam being sold. We went on our first cruise on the Statendam and will miss her. We will also miss the Ryndam, another “S” class ship.
    The Oosterdam is about as large as we would like to see HAL ships built. But who are we?

  • David Roberts

    will the last cruise from Venice to Singapore be a run-down cruise with poorer service before they dump it on the Aussies (us). Our experience on Oosterdam and Pinnacle grill was fantastic – better than Princess and Royal Caribbean but will the last cruise of a ship stand-up to its previous reputation?


  • Katie

    Sadden and sick at the same time. As a former Shore Crew person to the Ryndam I’m so sad to see her leave the fleet. Which ship will be replacing her in Tampa? With the bridge we cannot have a large ship in port, so which one?? Surely, HAL will not give up their hold on the port they’ve been coming into for for such a very long time.

    I too have cruised many times on HAL prior to my working with them, and are worried about what’s next. I do not care for the larger ships and will stop cruising with HAL if it continues.
    Not happy!

  • freaksloan

    I was only on the Ryndam once, there was 12 of us ages 3 to 80. It was OK for what we paid, we got a really great deal.

    I also like the smaller ships, but the Ryndam was really showing her age, but crew was AWESOME.

    My biggest complaints are there were times when you couldn’t food unless you ordered room service. I understand HAL has a more seasoned level of cruisers, but some of them were just plan mean and nasty. They were very vocal about their displeasure that there were kids on the ship.

    I love sailing out if Tampa and can’t wait to give the Veendam a try.

  • Michael

    Was on Ryndam 3/22 out of Tampa…this ship was special in so many ways..she will be so missed..I hope P&O takes wonderful care of her and give her another long career as The Pacific Aria….I will miss her…

  • Benoit Samson

    This is a sad news indeed. What a loss of midsize ships to the P&O. When will the Prinsendam be dumped as well ?? It is getting more difficult to find small/midsize ships and someone and some company will tap into this clientelle with smaller ships : time to switch to Viking Sea ships ??? People our age dont really fancy travelling all the way down south to board the ships we love so much and will have to find alternatives. Some dose of nosgalgiaitits we are getting on that transaction.

  • Dennis Gustafson

    Really sorry to hear this news. Our reason for cruising with HAL has been the smaller ships and exceptional itineraries, good sized and comfortable staterooms and not all the glitz and glamor of Carnival or RCL.

    Have no interest in cruising with 2500, 3000 or 5000 others. Smaller more intimate cruising is our goal.
    Our cruise on the Ryndam out of Harwick on Sept 12 maybe our last on HAL and we’ll search for other smaller cruise lines.

    Has anyone noted perks for repeat customers on Celebrity and other lines vs HAL? Get with the program HAL.

  • LarryNorman

    The Ryndam is the one that should go. Noisy, creeky, old and terribly outdated. We did NOT like the Canada New England cruise for this reason. Come on HAL dump the Ryndam next, PLEASE!

  • John Belanger

    So sad to see the Ryndam go. Sailed her to Alaska 5 years ago. What a relaxing cruise. Decor is something that can be easily fixed. When the Ryndam pulls into port HAL passengers are faced with a max of 1200 people on the dock. With Princess you are looking at 3300 people and with Royal Caribbean upwards of 6000. Try lining up behind 6000 passengers in a buffet line or any other line and tell me you are having fun. Small ships are the way to go.

  • Mary Beth Burns

    With tears in my eyes I will say “good bye” to MS Statendam on August 24, 2015. I have had wonderful times on that Elegant Old Lady and I know many many of us 5 star mariners will miss her. Good luck to her and to her fantastic captain. I hope she is treated with respect wherever she goes.

  • Terry Bell

    Here’s hoping you have no plans for selling off the Zuiderdam!? As faithful HAL Mariners Club members we LOVE the Zuiderdam! Please say you’ll be keeping her for several more years.

  • Geoff Russell

    The Pacific Aria formerly known as MS Ryndam will be a welcomed addition to the Australian cruise market and I’m sure P&O will take good care of her. My wife and I will be boarding her at Brisbane in February 2016 bound for New Guinea, really looking forward to it.

  • Claire Thackeray.

    We were on Statendam 2011 25 nights Panama Canal and really enjoyed it even though it did leak at times. We in Aus. are awaiting them to start the cruises in November and am trying to find out which is which…names Aria and Eden…hope they live up to the service we had with HAL. These ships here are very much for the family which is good to see. I wish all who sail in them a really wonderful cruise. Thank you Geoff have just realised that Statendam is Eden.

  • Tom

    Too bad! Ryndam was our first and best HAL Cruise. HAL’s larger ships, while very good, do not provide that attractive small ship experience. Have to take another look at Oceania.

  • Nicholas

    I ust got off the newly renovated P&O Pacific Aria, which used to be the MS Ryndam. The ships facilities, designs and features were amazing. As I understand, P&O Australia has spent 250 million dollars renovating each ship to its new and extremely modern design. Please do watch some videos of what the ship looks likes now – in comparison to how you remembered it. Just visit youtube and type up P&O Pacific Aria & Eden. There are many virtual tour videos! Thanks

  • Laurence Charlot

    So sad to see Statendam and Ryndam leave the HAL fleet. All but one of my HAL cruises were on Statendam or Ryndam. My wife and I did one Caribbean cruise on Noordam and I was so disappointed. For some reason, although Noordam is much larger than the “S” class ships, it felt so much more crowded, especially the Lido Restaurant, and I hated the cabin furnishings starting from 3 minutes after we got into our cabin on the first day of the cruise: no dresser drawers like on the “S” class ships; the space where the dresser unit is, in the Statendam and Ryndam cabins, is taken up by a useless mini-fridge in the Vista ship cabins. Without the dresser drawers, there was literally no logical place to put underwear, t-shirts, and socks in that cabin on Noordam. Had to keep all that in my suitcase for the whole 21 days. I suppose I could have kept them in the fridge (mirthless grin). We didn’t use it for anything else, it sat empty, a waste of space, the whole time. The ONLY nice thing about the Vista and “R” class ships is the extra bank of elevators amidships. I just hope they keep Maasdam and Zaandam for a few more years.

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