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Postcard from Tasmania

May Delory sent us this photo and story:

Teatime in Tasmania!

Teatime in Tasmania!

Talk about first-time HAL cruisers having a reason to talk to the animals. My daughter and I cherished each and every moment together on the ms Volendam on our recent New Zealand to Australia journey. This is the sort of friendly treatment our tour group received when we arrived at the You Yangs Regional Park. Tea party time. And was it delicious. Not too sweet and not dish-rag tea or stale coffee. Fresh. Fresh. And REALLY fresh. Hit the spot, too.

On a shore excursion to Tasmania we enjoyed exploring the You Yangs Regional Park. An Englishman by the name of Matthew Flinders was the first European to visit the area. Flinders is credited with naming Australia; he died in 1814 and sailed the high seas with the likes of Captain William Bligh. He also got into trouble with the law back home for wanting to do things his way while on various voyages around the world. Flinders credits reading Robinson Crusoe with instilling in him a passion for exploration and the sea.

You Yans Regional Park in Aboriginal words “Wurdi Youang” means “big mountain in the middle of a plain”. And, yes, there is a big mountain in the middle of the plain. On a clear day from Flinders Peak — the highest point on the granite You Yangs at 353 meters — you can see Mount Macedon, the Brisbane Ranges, Geelong and some of the Melbourne Skyscrapers. The park has more than 200 birds to see, wild kangaroos, immense and fragrant trees and bushes. Historically, Aboriginal people chose the best or enlarged already existing hollows in rocks to form wells in the rock to hold water in dry seasons.

My daughter and I will always recall our time together Down Under with great fondness. Cheers! Hope you can follow in our HAL footsteps for a G’Day voyage.

HAL first timers.

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