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Csaba’s Aperture: Sydney

The season’s first call at Sydney, Australia.





Csaba Desvari is Volendam’s culinary operations manager.

  • Rosanne

    Since we are planning our trip to New Zealand in November, 2011, I am glad to see these current pictures from the Volendam. Hope more pictures will be posted soon from current passengers and staff!

  • Julie

    Looking forward to having you on board!

  • Barbara

    Am traveling on ms Volendam end of November beginning of December. Would love to know average temperatures and weather that time of year. Also, are there public laundry on board Volendam?

  • beverley

    Just back from a trip to New Zealand on ms Volendam. Wonderful, wonderful. Will go again very soon.
    Yes there are public laundries onboard.

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