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Csaba’s Aperture: Solar Eclipse

A total eclipse of the sun is arguably nature’s most spectacular and awe-inspiring phenomenon. Oosterdam played host to this event and all eyes were on the horizon overlooking the Coral Sea, as the total solar eclipse casted its incredible shadow across the Pacific Ocean and Far North Australia. The eclipse started at dawn in the very north of Australia, passing over Cairns then narrowly missing Norfolk Island. Total eclipses of the sun in a particular region are rare. The next opportunity to see a total eclipse of the sun in Australia won’t be until July 22, 2028. The spectacle attracts significant international interest from research scientists, photographers, eclipse tourists, and from ordinary people simply wanting to witness this incredible spectacle at least once in their lives.

solar eclipse

solar illusion

While the first photo is authentic, I had a little fun editing this one!

Csaba Desvari is Oosterdam’s culinary operations manager.

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  • I nyoman oka sudarsa.

    Do you have any staff albums?

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