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Celebrating 140 Years: Auckland

In celebration of our 140th Anniversary this month, we’re dedicating a post a day to the wonderful destinations and attributes that make a Holland America Line cruise so special. Today’s post is about:

Auckland, New Zealand

There is a point on the North Island of New Zealand where the land narrows to a thin strip between the islanded peninsula to the north and the mountainous, caved-addled terrain away south. On one side is Waitemata Harbour, on another is Manukau Harbour, and there are mountain ranges to the southeast and west. On this spot stands Auckland, one of the loveliest cities in the world, and according to many surveys, one of its most livable. Many of the old volcanoes that formed the terrain of the area are now grassy, hilly parks. Cruise visitors can climb one – Mount Eden, North Head or One Tree Hill, say – and look toward the water. See why it’s called the City of Sails on Oosterdam’s 41-Day South Pacific & New Zealand cruise in September 2013.

Amsterdam at Auckland on the 2013 Grand World Voyage.

Amsterdam at Auckland on the 2013 Grand World Voyage.

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