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Amsterdam Meets the Duyfken Replica in Sydney

When Amsterdam arrived at Sydney for its call on the Grand World Voyage, the ship liaised with the beautiful Duyfken replica.

In 1606, the original Dutch ship Duyfken sailed from the Indonesian island of Banda in search of gold and trade opportunities on the fabled island of Nova Guinea. Under the command of Willem Janszoon, Duyfken and her crew ventured southeast. They sailed beyond Os Papuas (Papua New Guinea) and explored and charted part of the coast of Nova Guinea. They did not find gold — but they did find the northern coast of a huge continent: Australia. Captain Janszoon was the first European to map and record Australia in history so Duyfken’s voyage marked the beginning of Australia’s recorded history.

The replica has been hailed by Dutch historians as the most exacting “Age of Discovery” replica sailing ship yet constructed. Duyfken’s hull is European Oak from Latvia, her sails and rig all natural flax and hemp. It was built and fitted-out in Fremantle using “plank-first” construction. Fire was employed to bend the hull planks and inside frames were added afterward. The hull was launched on Jan. 24, 1999, and it was able to sail for the first time July 10, 1999. Once completed, Duyfken re-enacted Willem Janszoon’s historic 1606 voyage from the Spice Islands to Cape York peninsula.

Thanks to the official Duyfken site for the above information.

  • Dinara

    It is wonderful, so beautiful pictures

  • Vicko

    The Greatest met The Greatest… Awesome..

  • Bill

    You can sure see the size difference

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