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Recipe: Chef Shaun Clouston Stirs Things Up on Amsterdam’s Grand Asia & Pacific Voyage

As Amsterdam gets ready to wrap up its 80-day Grand Asia & Pacific Voyage next week, we reminisce about the talented guest chefs who came aboard to further enrich our guests’ experience by sharing their culinary knowledge, as well as their incredibly delicious recipes!

Chef Shaun Clouston was recently onboard Amsterdam, wowing guests with his impressive culinary skills. Shaun is Head Chef and Partner of one of Wellington, New Zealand’s, iconic fine dining locations — Logan Brown Restaurant. Since 1996, Logan Brown Restaurant and Bar has been producing exceptional cuisine, and during the last 10 years Shaun’s thoughtful techniques and attention to detail have been crucial to the restaurant’s continued success.

If you weren’t able to join Amsterdam’s Grand Voyage, you can still delight in some of the perks! Read below to discover some of Shaun’s delectable recipes!

Chef Shaun Clouston


Serves 6 as a starter or entree


12 large sea scallops – cleaned & roes removed
1 recipe citrus oil dressing
1 recipe gin cured salmon
1 recipe walnut granola
50g fresh goats curd
1 recipe scampi wafers
1 green apple – finely sliced
flaked Salt
Fresh milled black pepper
1 small punnet micro coriander shoots – trimmed

1 lemons – juice only
100ml lot 8 citrus oil
¼ tsp fresh green chili – finely chopped
20g salmon or ocean trout roe
½ tsp flaked sea salt

1. Whisk together lemon juice, citrus oil & salt. Add the salmon roe to finish.
2. Place into a clean container and keep refrigerated.

500g piece New Zealand King Salmon – pin bones and skin removed
60g flaked sea salt
60g caster sugar
1 large lemon – zest only
1 large orange – zest only
1 Tbl coriander seeds – lightly crushed
½ Tbl juniper berries – lightly crushed
¼ cinnamon stick – lightly crushed
2 cardamom pods – lightly crushed
½ tsp white peppercorns – lightly crushed
¼ tsp freshly grated nutmeg
4 pieces crystallised ginger- roughly chopped
60ml of New Zealand Gin – (Sacred Spring if available)

1. Mix together the salt, sugar, citrus zests, dried spices & crystallised ginger, to form a cure.
2. Place the salmon in to a small dish, add the gin and macerate for 5-10 minutes. Next cover with the cure follower with a layer of cling film. Place another small tray or dish that fits easily onto the dish containing the salmon. Place a light weight on top of this dish.
3. Place in the refrigerator and cure for 24 – 48 hours.
4. When ready remove the salmon from the cure and give a light rinse to remove any whole spices. Pat dry and place onto a clean tray to dry for 6 hours before slicing.

50g walnuts – toasted
50g pine nuts – toasted
2 tsp apple syrup
2 tsp leaf parsley – chiffonade
Flaked salt & fresh milled black pepper to taste

1. Place all ingredients into a small blender or robot coupe.
2. Pulse blend so the nuts form a sandy crumble consistency.
3. Correct seasoning if necessary.

200g calamari tubes – cleaned & roughly chopped
100g scampi tail meat
2 tsp rice flour

1. Place all the ingredients in to a small food processor and blend until completely smooth.
2. Spread an even thin layer onto a silicon mat or baking paper.
3. Place into a dehydrator set to 45ᵒC. If a dehydrator is unavailable us an oven with the fan on only. Dry overnight or until a clear paper is formed.
4. Break into large pieces and deep fry until crisp and drain well.


1. Slice each scallop in half, though the middle of the scallop so each scallop remains round, not half-moon shaped.
2. Place the scallops in the citrus oil dressing and leave to marinade for a few minutes.
3. Next cut the salmon with a cookie cutter, the same size as the scallops and slice so the salmon is the same thickness as each scallop.
4. Remove the scallops from the dressing and interweave a piece of scallop with a piece of salmon to form a square shape.
5. Place a few spoons of the goat’s curd on the scallops and salmon, follow with a few apple slices, a light sprinkling of walnut granola, scampi wafer and a light dusting of salt and pepper.
6.Lastly finish with the micro coriander and serve immediately.

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