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Postcards from Komodo Island

Rotterdam called at Komodo Island yesterday on it’s Grand World Voyage.

Just a couple of hundred miles down the island chain that is Indonesia is an island called Komodo. It has one village and the rest of the island is a national park. It is one of the most interesting, unique and intense places we’ve stopped on this voyage so far.

This destination was only available to guests who decided to take our guided hike into the park. Step a few feet into the jungle from the tender pier and you are in a place where time doesn’t exist. This was dense and wild jungle.


The canopy is thick and there are many signs of wildlife all around. You can see it, hear it and well, almost feel it.

Only a couple of hundred yards on the trail we heard something large moving in the woods. A few feet beyond we saw a large fully antlered deer. This was not exactly the man-eating fiercest and largest monitor lizard on earth that had been advertised. Truth is, when I saw that deer, I thought, “They’ll be serving venison tonight in Dragon’s Lair.”


It was a very hot and humid day. The temperature at the ship was reading 87 degrees at 9 a.m. and the humidity was in the 60 percent range. The trail is about 2 kilometers long and there are no facilities, just jungle.

About 1 kilometer into the rain forest we were urged to be quiet and then in an opening they were there. There were two very large, very still and very imposing beasts who looked as if they had not evolved since the beginnings of time.



They fit in really well with the ground around them and paid no attention to our fellow travelers. The beasts were magnificent and the trek was worthwhile.

Denise and Mike are future cruise consultants aboard Rotterdam.

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  • Jill Tralka

    What are they? Almost cute looking! Can’t believe you are in Indonesia! Keep well….love, Jill

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