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Authentic Thai Cuisine in Bangkok

chicken butt

Journalist David Hammond recently cruised Asia with HAL and has sent us links to some of his articles. Here is an excerpt from his experience in Thailand trying “chicken butt” for the first time!

I had seen “Chicken Butt” advertised in the night market in Koasiung, Taiwan, and wandering around Bangkok one afternoon in Mid-March, I spotted a vendor selling a number of grilled items, including small skewers of what looked like the triangular chicken tail section.

I’d asked a nice lady at the hotel desk to write down for me, in Thai, the request: “Hello, how much is your delicious food.” I presented this paper to the young woman behind the grill. She giggled and said “Five baht.”

With baht at 30 to $1 US, I got two three-piece skewers of “chicken butts.” That came to under 20 cents a skewer, which seemed a like a good deal, and about the right price for what I’m sure is considered offal, less desirable animal parts.

The young woman grilled two skewers for me and put them in a plastic bag, which seemed at first seemed odd (the bag crimpled up at first from the heat and started looking a bit melty). However, this turned out to be a good delivery system because the it enabled me to ladle in some counter-side hot sauce and use the bag as a dipping pouch…

To read the rest of his entry and his reaction to this new cuisine click HERE.

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