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Asian-Style Late-Night Snacks

The Lido features an international menu of late-night snacks. From American and Mexican to Dutch and Thai, guests can indulge in a variety of flavors from around the world. Here are some tasty and tempting Asian-themed menus that bring the best of the region to Holland America Line guests. Which themed buffet is your favorite?



Chilled Options
Octopus Pasta Salad – Tako – Su
Cucumber and Sesame Salad – Kyuri no Sunomono
Eggplant and Beef Salad – Nasu no Mushimono
Daikon and Red Radish Salad – Furofuki
Japanese Sushi – Temayaki – Sushi
Tropical Fruit and Fresh Shrimp
Tuna Sashimi

Hot Selections
Seafood Hot Pot – Yosenabe
Cream of Pork and Vegetables – Tonjiru
Vegetable Tempura with Soy Sauce
Chicken Teriyaki – Tori no Teriyaki
Grilled Tofu – Hiya – Yakko
Simmered Soy Beans – Daizu no Nimono
Japanese Fried Rice
Braised Cabbage and Shitake Mushrooms – Yasai no Fukumini

Sweet Endings
Fruit Jell-O
Snow White Jelly – Awayukikan
Sweet Potato and Chestnuts – Kinton
Fruit Tart
Fresh Fruit Salad
Assorted Cheese with Fruit and Crackers
Create Your Own Sundae at the Ice Cream Parlor

Sesame French bread
Pan De Sal Bread
Nut Bread Rolls
Bowl of Whole Fresh Fruits


Chilled Options
Cold Filipino Lumpia
Sliced Char Sui – Chinese Roast Pork with Mustard and Plum Sauce
Shrimp Salad
Minced Sautéed Chicken Salad Szechwan-Style Served in an Iceberg Lettuce Leaf
Mixed Green Lettuce Tossed with Hoisin Dressing

Hot Selections
Hot and Sour Soup
Duck Pot sticker with Ginger Soya Dip
Deep Fried Spring Rolls: Choose from Pork, Shrimp or Vegetable
Sweet and Sour Pork over Steamed Rice
Soba Whole Wheat Noodles with Seafood Tossed in Teriyaki Sauce with Green Onion, Napa Cabbage, Ginger and Garlic – made to order
Deep-Fried Tofu over Vegetable Stew in Oyster Sauce – made to order

Sweet Endings
Rice Pudding with Lychee
Coconut Cake
Banana Cream Pie
Mango Mousse in Tartlets
Fresh Fruit Salad
Assorted Cheeses with Fruit and Crackers
Create Your Own Sundae at the Ice Cream Parlor


Chilled Options
Finger Sandwiches
Marinated Crab Cocktail
Spicy Beef
Shredded Chicken
Mussels with Fresh Lime
Papaya Cole Slaw
Cilantro Potato Salad

Hot Selections
Egg Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork
Thin Beef Satay with Peanut Dip
Mini Spring Roll, Rolled in Romaine with Cucumber and Mint
Crispy Fried Chicken with Plum Dip
Fried Tofu with Peanut Dip
Bay Shrimp in Green Coconut Curry
Chicken Phad Thalay
Fried Rice
Thai Stir-Fried Pork – made to order

Sweet Endings
Rice Pudding
Assorted Pastries
Banana Cake
Lychee Jell-O
Fresh Fruit Salad
Assorted Cheeses with Fruit and Crackers
Create Your Own Sundae at the Ice Cream Parlor

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  • Patricia B

    WOW! Just look at what we have been missing! Next cruise, we stay up and go to the Late-Night Snack, every night.

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