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Take the Ultimate Adventure and Cruise to Ushuaia at the End of the World

Picture it…cruising to one of the most remote corners of the world.

Adventure-seekers can fill their fix on one of our South America and Antarctica cruises, where it is possible to explore one of the most untouched corners of the globe.

Ushuaia is not only the capital of the Tierra del Fuego region of Argentina, but it is also at the end of the world (literally). Holland America Line guests can explore the surreal port that is cradled between the towering Martial Mountains and the pristine Beagle Channel by cruising their way to the southernmost tip of Argentina.


The famous Les Eclaireurs lighthouse in Ushuaia.

Founded in 1884, the town is a maze of streets lined with low-slung buildings that all seem to meet at its heart, the port. This isolated town was the meeting point of missionaries, gold prospectors, and naval officers before becoming known primarily as a penal colony. The large jail (now closed) has become reconfigured to be the city’s most popular museum.

In addition to exploring the town’s history, guests will be able to explore the maritime museum and a museum dedicated to the region’s natural history, as well as restaurants preparing the marquee offering: local king crab.

But beyond the many sites in the town, the spectacular collection of natural wonders around the city are what make Ushuaia a must-see port of call. The Tierra del Fuego National Park on the outskirts of Ushuaia is a kaleidoscope of glittering glaciers, snow-capped mountains, dense forests, sparkling lakes and windswept plains spread across an archipelago of rugged islands. While visiting, guests should explore the Beagle Channel, Pipo River cascade, Lago Fagnano, Lago Roca, Ensanada Bay, Lapataia Bay, End of the World Train, Laguna Negra and many others.


The rugged Martial mountains that surround Ushuaia.

Travelers who wish to visit the end of the world can do so on Prinsendam and Zaandam. To enhance the journey, we offer many EXC Tours through Ushuaia and the surrounding areas, providing guests with an enriching experience of this intriguing corner of the world.

Prinsendam and Zaandam cruises

A selection of cruises to Ushuaia aboard Prinsendam and Zaandam.

  • Terrie Shimada

    Will there be duplicate bridge on this cruise starting in San Diego 9/28 and ending in Rio Nov 1?

  • Julie

    Terrie, we do not have bridge instructors onboard, but guests are welcome to organize a game.

  • Kate Pregellio


    Are there any classes eg Pilates/aqua aerobics offered on this cruise? What are the costs?

    Is there a self-service laundry available for same cruise mentioned above?


    Kate P

  • Julie

    Hi Kate, the ships often offer pilates and water aerobics. It’s best to contact reservations to be sure, as they will have better information. Onboard self-service launderettes consisting of washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards are available on Amsterdam, Maasdam, Prinsendam, Veendam and Zaandam. There is a charge for the use of the self-service launderettes and it is coin operated. Iron and ironing boards are provided at no cost.

  • Takako

    This is an old information, there is no self service laundry available on Zaandam in Sept 2018. I planned to do my own ladryu and ironing, but neither are available. They want you to send our clothes for $20 for a small bag or sign up for all you can send ladryu deal.

  • Julie

    This post is from June 2017, so it is older. We do not go back and update old posts. But thank you for point this out.

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