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From Antarctica to Buenos Aries, From Crab to Steak

We had absolutely perfect weather down in Antarctica the entire three days that we were there. It was sunny, with calm seas and cool weather.


If people are planing on taking one of our Antarctica trips, they really need to pack for very hot and quite chilling temperatures. We’re experiencing quite warm temps here in Buenos Aires — it’s mid-90s — and down in Antarctica it was in the high 20s with some wind at times.

While we stay on the ship in Antarctica, the going to and coming from offers excellent off-ship dining experiences. There is great fish available in the restaurants in the ports of Chile, and in Ushuaia. One thing not to be missed is eating an entire fresh king crab in Ushuaia. What a treat. After eating frozen king crab all our lives, it was unbelievably flavorful.

We stopped in Buenos Aires for a total of five days during our last contract and liked it so much we decided to stay here for a couple of weeks of vacation. One of the highlights of our days have been having barbecued Argentine beef. Everything in this town is really inexpensive with the beef being no exception. We’re enjoying very substantial fillets of beef that are incredibly tender and tasty for about US$8.50 to $11 per person.

Argentine architecture

Argentine architecture

The architecture is very Parisian with wide boulevards and great shopping. One of the great debates you can have when sailing on these South America cruises is who has the better wines. While Chile certainly has a wider variety of really great wine, Argentina offers some outstanding wines too. It’s hard to imagine that wines that cost from $5 to $10 a bottle can be so good, but they are!

So we’re off for another month and will be down in the Caribbean for the rest of this winter and then taking the Westerdam over to Europe. We’re excited about doing a couple of Med cruises and then transferring over to the Eurodam for a summer in the Baltic. It will be our first time there.

Regards from Buenos Aires

Denise and Mike Feeney



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