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Celebrating 140 Years: Antarctica

In celebration of our 140th Anniversary this month, we’re dedicating a post a day to the wonderful destinations and attributes that make a Holland America Line cruise so special. Today’s post is about:


On the bucket list of every avid traveler, a cruise to Antarctica is filled with wonder, majesty and breath-taking views. During the scenic cruising, guests might witness several million Adélie penguins nesting on every available beach. Or on Elephant Island learn about Shackelton’s ill-fated expedition and the crew’s heroic daily struggle to survive. Glorious glaciers abound in one of the most remote parts of the world, best viewed from the deck of a Holland America Line ship. Join us on Zaandam’s 21-Day South America and Antarctica Explorer Voyages.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Director Bert van Mackelenbergh.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Director Bert van Mackelenbergh.

  • Almuth

    On a bucket-list all right, but actually on the even shorter “repeat bucket-list” , at least for us !!

  • Sue

    I am going on this cruise in Dec. Any info will be appreciated. I am also looking for someone to share a verandah suite with me.


  • Sigrid

    Hi Sue ,
    my husband and I are thinking about going on this cruise in Dec. We’re in the research/planning stage.Maybe we can share some information.We’re getting ready to apply for visa.
    Have a great day,

  • Alex H Hopkin

    I wish I could post my pictures in this comment like on facebook from my previous cruise.Antartica is amazing.

  • Julie

    Alex, we’d love to see your photos! You can send to

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