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The Time for Hibernation in Alaska is Fast Approaching

Two more weeks before we head towards warmer weather. So far, September has been a good month, much better than last year. We have had nothing but great weather in Alaska this month.

A few days ago, we were in Ketchikan, Alaska where temperatures were so high that hardly any bears came out. The sun is too much for these creatures and they typically look for cooler areas.

The bears are full, their bellies are stuffed with fish and it is time to start hibernating. Also, whoever doesn’t believe bears climb trees better than anything should definitely check out Alaska next season.





Bert van Mackelenbergh is Statendam’s hotel manager.

  • Michael

    That black bear looks so smart and funny! Seems the bear is looking for something to fill up his belly. Great photos you have here!

  • Almuth Ewing

    Beautiful !!! Thank you !!

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