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The Pristine Beauty of Glacier Bay

Special thanks to HAL guest Susan Parks for sending in these gorgeous photos taken in Glacier Bay while on her cruise aboard Zuiderdam.

We went on our first cruise ever to Alaska and on the day we visited Glacier Bay, everything seemed perfect. The sky was clear and the water was so clear and still it appeared to create a kaleidoscope effect. It is almost impossible to take a bad photo at Glacier Bay. The hard part was that no camera could quite capture the scale, the view and the scope in just one snap. It was a stunning sight though, just amazing. There were times that the small pieces of ice in that cold, thick water, were like living pieces of silver, dancing as if they were water bugs. — Susan Parks


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Mtn peaks and clear sky












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  • Glacier Bay Guy

    The secret for photographing Glacier Bay is: You need a good telephoto and nice wide angle to really get the shots. The telephoto (zoom) will pull everything tighter giving your subjects the grandure they really have. But you have to have the right angle from far enough away. A wide angle help put things in perspective as to how all encompassing it all is.

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