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Statendam’s Fire-Fighting Training in Juneau, Alaska

Special thanks to Statendam’s 2nd Officer Wouter Koolhaas for sharing this post and photos with us.

Last month, half of Statendam’s fire fighters attended a training session at the Hagevig Fire Team Training Center in Juneau. The purpose of the training is to increase and maintain the high standards that we at Holland America Line follow to assure the safety of our passengers and crew. Crew members are trained on door-opening procedures, use of breathing equipment and various fire extinguishing methods and a training in a real fire scenario. Fire teams are sent to enclosed spaces where several fires have been lit in order to give the crew a realistic experience of how to act and handle a fire in a real fire situation. During these drills team members learn how to act in a space that has been filled with heat and smoke. Once these drills were completed, team members practiced with foam applicators and the methods used to apply them.

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