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Seeing Glacier Bay for the First Time

Here is a brief article with photos from Human Resources Clerk Ray Manutu about his first time seeing Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Some crew members and I were about to have an exciting experience in Glacier Bay. It was raining and the air was freezing. The water was full of small icebergs; we saw two bald eagles sitting on icebergs, and on the beach on the right side of the ship we saw two grizzly bears walking very fast along the beach, but you needed binoculars to see them. I was lucky that one of the guests lent me his binoculars to see them. When we arrived in Glacier Bay, I heard the cracking sound of the glacier, and when the glacier fell down, it sounded more like a thunder. To me this was an amazing, fun experience.


Zaandam’s Human Resources Clerk Ray Manutu and other crew members sail for the time in Glacier Bay, Alaska.





Verlie Michelle Nelson is Zaandam’s human resources manager.

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