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Postcards from Sitka

While cruising aboard the Amsterdam, May 16 – 23, I enjoyed a port day in Sitka, Alaska. Following breakfast and a quiet morning, my mother and I went down to A deck and boarded a tender for a quiet, calm ride from the ship to shore. The bay was still, and so the ride was smooth. From the tender pier ashore I had a great view of the lovely Amsterdam at anchor out in the harbor:


Our tour took us, first, to the Sitka National Historical Park, where we enjoyed a walk through the rain forest, viewing the historic totem poles, the Russian vs. Native American battle sites, and the cultural center where we learned about the various native American tribes who populated the area. When we came to the 1804 Battleground site, however, while everybody else was listening to the story of the conflict between the Russians and the Tlingit Indians, I was busy taking pictures of the gorgeous ms Amsterdam, which was visible right in front of us out in the bay.


It was a lovely sight, and well worth the shore excursion all by itself!

The Amsterdam is a lovely ship with a gracious crew, and my mother and I enjoyed our cruise aboard her.

Rev. Gregory S. Neal
Dallas, Texas

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