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Oosterdam’s Captain Gets Covered in Puppy Kisses

Oh, the day in the life of “Reese’s” at Puppy Camp! During Oosterdam’s call at Juneau, Captain van der Loo and the shore excursion team spent the afternoon at Puppy Camp [where puppies are trained to become sled dogs]. It was a beautiful day filled with happy, playful puppies all named after famous candy bars. “Reese’s” melted his way into all their hearts.

Covered in puppy kisses and smelling like wet dogs, the happy crew came back just as happy and ready for a shower!

Amy Kreft is Oosterdam’s human resources manager.

  • Patricia B

    More smiling Oosterdam crew! I am looking forward to sailing on such a happy ship!

  • Joey L

    This is great! This blog is really great for all guests as well as the crew. At last people get to see what it takes to work on one of this great vessels. And this shows it takes a lot of love. Thank you so much to all the Captains and all the crew. It is a real treat.

  • cvigna

    What a cute story! It is great to hear fun stories like this that involve the crew!

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