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Oosterdam Welcomes Sitka Students in Alaska

During our call to Sitka, the Oosterdam took part in “Sea Week” and 50 5th graders from Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School spent their end of the year field trip cruising around the ship. They were “blown away” with fun as they explored the ship. Complete with lunch and video games the group had a great day! Keet Gooshi Heen means “River shaped like Killer Whale Fin” in Tlingit.

Amy Kreft is Oosterdam’s human resources manager.

  • Elizabeth White

    That’s showing some great community service by giving the kids a change to experience what it would be like to go on a cruise. Who knows, they may become future passengers!

  • Glenn Stokes

    A very nice thing to do. These young people will remember this for a long time, perhaps all their lives. You just never know when a singular experience will influence someone in some way. Every experience in life provides us with a stepping stone to another experience, another direction in life. Such an experience could lead a young person to become a cruise customer, an employee, or something else related to ships and oceans.

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