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Oosterdam at Glacier Bay, Alaska

These photos of Oosterdam were taken from Statendam in Glacier Bay.

Joanne Gardner is Statendam’s future cruise consultant.

  • Verna

    Where are the glaciers? Are they mostly melted?

  • Charlie Whaley

    Same beautiful sciene, but from MS ZAANDAM. My first cruise on Holland-America.

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait to see it for myself this month

  • Leighanne Johnsson

    My husband and I will be cruising on the “Oosterdam” with the Duttons in August.

  • Don Greenlee

    Our trip was GREAT!!

  • dbbldutch

    We were on the Zuiderdam in 2006, will return next month on the Oosterdam. Can’t wait!

  • Lynn wasnesky

    My husband and I just finished a cruise to glacier bay on the poster am. I’d love to have a copy of these pictures.


    Lynn wasnesky

  • Denise Schmitt

    Yeah! Will be there next week!

  • dugiedb

    Will be on Oostendam to Alaska in early August. First time. Any hints or tips to make the best out of the cruise? Thanks.

  • Kathleen

    We’re going to be on the Statendam August 21st. Really looking forward to it. My first cruise!

  • Juli SMith

    Taking our first cruise July 31st!! Look forward to being on the Oosterrdam… SOOOO EXCITED. The pics are gorgeous..

  • K&KV

    We were on the Oosterdam when those shots were taken last week!
    Gorgeous weather and scenery the entire week. Great time.

  • MNEndris

    My trip to glacier bay was awesome! I will be back!

  • Kathy Wilson

    We were on the Oosterdam last week when these pictures were taken — INCREDIBLE trip — fabulour weather — I’m ready to go again!

  • Carol

    Can’t wait. On the Oosterdam on July 10th. Sounds awesome!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Late August for us, can’t wait! Where can I see some tips on what excursions to take?

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