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Nature Photos by ‘Sea Temple’


Until this week I did not realize how much impact nature can actually have on you. It has been over 10 years since I have been in Alaska, and this week is our last week here. Before, I have more or less always done Europe on both HAL and Windstar, and I must say that Europe is still my most favorite area to sail.


But this week was just magical. We were sailing in Tracy Arm and I decided to take the time to appreciate the scenery and absorb the amazing views. People often tell you, I wish it was sunny, but not that day! It was an overcast day and the low-hanging clouds made it all look very mystical and mysterious.


I decided to get my camera and take some images of all these glorious surroundings. When I decided to take some shots in monochrome, I knew that they were meant to be taken. Photography has always been my passion and a hobby I hope to treasure forever! Getting the chance in our daily environment to shoot images of places most people dream of, sounds for many people too good to be true.

Many years ago, when I just started in this industry I came up with the following sentence: “The world is one place, where the beauty of each country has its own secrets.” So enjoy and continue to live the dream, like I do.


Sea Temple, alias Marco van Belleghem
Hotel Manager, ms Zuiderdam

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