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Just Another Day in Paradise

During Oosterdam’s call to Glacier Bay this week, we were blessed with a wild encounter. The Glacier Bay Park Rangers informed us while on the bridge that this humpback whale carcass has been there since March and every week when we sail by this area we usually see Alaskan brown bears enjoying an afternoon snack. But this week, mother nature was with us because the tides were unusually high and the carcass was almost completely under water.

So not only did we see the bears, we also saw them swimming, standing on top of the whale carcass and playing together in the water. When Captain made his announcement to inform the guests about the wildlife, the ship tilted to the starboard side from everyone rushing to catch a glimpse of the frolicking bears.

For most of us it was a once in a life time experience, but for Holland America Line and the Oosterdam it was just another day in paradise. Thanks mother nature!

Amy Kreft is Oosterdam’s human resources manager.

  • Patricia B

    Thanks, Amy, for this post. Great timing for all on the Oosterdam!

  • cruises

    It must have been a great experience for all the cruise passengers on Oosterdam. It is not every day you can get this close to see the bears.

  • Gerry H

    We were on board and enjoyed the view as the captain made the announcement. What a wonderful special moment for our very first cruise!

  • Linda

    What a great pic! We were on the Oosterdam at the end of July and saw the bears then, so this brought back great memories! I also must commend the captain – he did so much to make sure everyone had a chance to cacth a glimpse of the frolicking bears! Just one of many reasons we love HAL!

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