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In Search of the Elusive Bear

While in Haines, Alaska, right before I gave up and started to drive back to town, I saw a few people standing at the left shoulder of the road, pointing in the direction of the Chilkoot river saying that they had spotted a bear. Immediately I pulled the car to the right shoulder of the road and grabbed my camera. Yes! It was the bear that that I had been trying to find for the past three hours.

I was so excited while taking photos of the bear, I did not realize that I was so close to being in danger, with very little distance between me and the bear until I heard someone shout at me to move away. Fortunately, the bear turned away in the direction of two fishermen who were fishing in the middle of the river. The fisherman was waving his two hands and screaming to the bear, ordering him to go away. I guess the bear noticed the fishermen and went away along the shoreline. It was indeed an exciting day and the money we spent on renting a car paid off.

Yono Sudarto is Statendam’s controller.

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